Renting your house for the Papal Visit

By now everyone knows that the Pope is coming to Philly in September & if you don’t the dates are the 26th &27th…it’s on the news everyday & the influx of people coming to see him is putting a real crunch on the “City of Brotherly Love.”  Those of us that live here need to know that there will likely be very real traffic delays.

Septa has announced the lines that will run into the city & not every stop will be running.  If you plan on traveling to Center City on Saturday or Sunday (For the mass) keep the following info in mind. You MUST get passes in advance, online sales only. You will only be able to board at specific stations. Parking will be nearly non-existent, please carpool or get dropped off at the stations. Security to enter the trains will be at a nearly airport levels, please plan on long lines and delays. Click HERE for more details about the Septa services.

Additionally we’ve had a number of people ask about how they can rent their homes & head to the shore during this crazy time. Sounds great & not to hard with sites like VRBO, it shouldn’t be too hard to get your home out there.  There are factors that need to be considered before you rent your home.

  • First of all, you’ll want to remove & store anything valuable or sentimental, don’t take the chance something important will be lost or stolen.
  • Second you’ll need to check with your homeowners insurance to see if your current policy will cover a week rental.  This is an important step you’ll need to take to ensure your policy continues to cover you.
  • Third hire a cleaning service before & after the visit.
  • Fourth consider adding a lock box to your door so you can leave a key & be “down the shore” before the estimated 1.5 million people descend upon the city.
  • Last but no least, figure out where you’d like to advertise you home & get great pictures.  Let the prospective tenants know that you’re X miles from the train station & what dining options are nearby.

Don’t forget to get all the details in writing, we recommend requiring  certified checks for deposits or rent & for additional information about the visit, check out the links below.